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Get To Know Us.

Hey There! 


We’re WeekendsFrom, your new favorite travel company. What makes us different, you ask? We specialize in Social Getaways, which are short trips designed with the modern traveler in mind. 


That means you’ll have the perfect amount of time to leave your stress behind all while bonding with your very own travel community. Along your adventure, you’ll get to Escape, Connect, Explore and give back in some amazing destinations.


Our trips are designed with the busy traveler in mind, and if there’s one thing we understand, it’s that you’re short on time. That’s why we’ve taken care of everything, so all you have to do is truly unwind and leave all the rest to us, whether you’re getting away for the weekend or a bit longer. 



Whether you bring a friend, significant other, or jump on solo, we want to help you find your very own travel community. You’ll get the chance to truly bond with like-minded travelers over things like adventure and local flavor all in a relaxed atmosphere. 



When visiting a destination, we know you want to enjoy all the best it has to offer. That’s why we seek to show you regional character through shared experiences, whether you opt to eat your way through the trip, or get a bit more active and adventurous. 



We help support our corner of the world by uplifting marginalized communities, making your travel experience even more meaningful. From sponsoring field trips in underprivileged areas and cleaning up parks, to investing in small companies and dining locally, we seek to give back and help preserve the places we visit. 

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