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Educational Getaways

Calling All Educational Professionals!

Looking for a fun travel experience that can actually help you in your career and make a difference with your students? Then we have something amazing in store for you. 


Due to a special partnership, WeekendsFrom is proud to help you bring the things you’ve been teaching to life, by actually traveling to the locations where they took place. 


Whether you visit Washington D.C. to get a glimpse of our nation’s past, explore famous spots from the Revolutionary War, dive into the Spanish influence in the west, or learn about the history of good old rock ‘n’ roll in the south, you’ll enjoy in-depth, multi-sensory experiences that will stick with you forever. Plus, you’ll bring your learnings back to your students and truly make your lessons come alive!


We know that it’s been a crazy schoolyear for our educators, which is why it’s the perfect time to take a step away and relax. Our trips are great for Summer vacation or even spring and winter breaks.


So, pack your bags and help your students make the grade!

For private teacher trips, please fill out the form below or email

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Talk soon!

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