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Q: Is a WeekendsFrom Social Getaway for me?

A: Are you a person who likes to feel free, engage your curiosity, meet new people, have new experiences, and see the world from a different perspective?


Do you feel like you're tied to your computer all day? Feel a bit disconnected? Have you been stressed? Craving an escape?

If you nodded your head in agreement to any of this, congrats! You've found your community.


Q: What are Social Getaways?

A: Social Getaways are short trips that allow you to escape from your daily routines while connecting with a community of like-minded travelers, and explore everything a destination has to offer such as local flavor, local drinks & local people.

Q: If I book with a friend separately how will you know we should room together?

A: When creating your trip you'll create a profile- Make sure to note you're traveling with someone and we'll make sure you're in the same room.

Q: What is the age range?

A: Our Social Getaways are perfect for young professionals aged 25-40 years old. However, our Private & Custom trips are suitable for all ages.

Q: Can I come alone?

A: Of course, WeekendsFrom is perfect for socializing with like-minded people.

Q: What is Accommodation like?

Our Accommodations range from 3 to 4-star properties, one thing we can guarantee is you'll be near all the action.

Q: Do you send a packing list?

A: We do, once you've booked a trip, we'll let you know all the items we typically see guests bring on board. 

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Please refer to our Cancelation Policy as well as our Booking Terms & Conditions upon purchasing.

Q: What are the Perks of booking a WeekendsFrom Trip?

A: Logistics- No Hassles, no number crunching, no planning, You'll always have at least a person to explore with. Don't worry about getting from point A to point b, we've figured it out.

Highlights and Hidden treasures No hidden costs, Included Meals, Expert guide and driver

Q: What are Group Sizes like?

A: Group sizes vary, but we find they range anywhere from 15 to 30 guests. To ensure we maintain a social environment, a trip will only depart if there are a minimum of 8 guests. 

Q: What if I book a trip, but there are less than 8 guests?

A: We'll let you know 30 days in advance whether a trip will depart at this point you can decide a refund or with your permission, we'll move you to a different departure

Q: What does transportation look like?

A: Dependant on the trip you choose, transportation could look like a large commuter van, larger groups would get a full-sized motor coach. We do promise a comfortable seat, the ability to be social, a place to re-charge your gadgets, and if the destination allows the ability to connect to wi-fi.

Q: Do you book our flights?

A: This is something we're currently working on, but for the time being it'll be your responsibility to make it to our start location.  Don't worry we've got all transportation from that point.


We recommend using an Online Travel Agent to find the most economical flight.

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