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Get the Whole Team Together for the Weekend 


Is your team burnt out? We get it. We know work environments have changed drastically over the past year. That’s why WeekendsFrom is especially excited to introduce Social Getaways designed for Team Building, the perfect option for modern workers. 


Whether you're working remotely, hired several new employees, or are just hoping to get out of the office so things can run smoother when you return, our trips can help bring your whole team closer together.


Book a Sales incentive trip, Reward trips, Employee Appreciation Trip or a Team Onboarding Experience. 


Get ready to see your organization connect like never before!

Let's Increase Productivity & Morale While Decreasing Burnout



Did you know that Americans have fewer vacation days than any other country? In fact, a whopping 84% of U.S. executives have even cancelled vacations to work and half of millennials surveyed by Sleep Judge said they feel there's a limit on how much vacation time is acceptable. Not exactly great stats.


However, while leaving work behind for extended periods of time isn't always possible, at WeekendsFrom, we feel we've found the perfect solution. Research shows that short trips can leave workers feeling refreshed and actually excited to return to work, making it a win-win for employees and companies alike. Plus, unused vacations cost U.S. business $224 billion per year, making these trips financially beneficial as well.


So, amp up your teams producitivy by allowing travel to be part of your company culture.


Trust us, you won't regret it.



Want your employees to feel less stressed, more creative and happier overall? The President of the American Institute of Stress advises taking at least four vacations a year, even if they’re only short weekend getaways. 

Sounds great, but not sure where to go? A domestic trip is the perfect way to make the most of your time while still exposing you or your employees to different cultures and new perspectives. Our suggestion? A Trip to the Southern United States can’t be beat. 


An added bonus: vacations help keep stress levels down, reducing the risk of physical and mental health issues over time. 


Say goodbye to burnout and let’s get to planning!



Incentives all around! When you opt for an incentive travel program, you reward your employees for reaching goals as well as providing a huge motivation boost, making your life easier in the process.


At WeekendsFrom, we also know that attracting and retaining top talent is more challenging than ever, which is why it’s important to find new ways to show employee appreciation. 


With rewards everyone will love, you’ll get even more done with your increase in morale. So, let your team know that you care, start building stronger relationships in the workplace and get ready to feel a little more refreshed for that next big project. 

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Talk soon!

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