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Looking for an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime?

WeekendsFrom is here to create the one-of-a-kind trip you have in mind, whether you can only get away for a few days or have much more than the weekend to spare.

With customized itineraries ranging from a half a day to a month’s time, we work with groups and individuals to create adventures you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Interested? Below are a few ways we can work with you to craft that much-deserved vacay.

Something specific in mind? Let us know. We’d love to make it happen.


Organizational Getaways - WeekendsFrom - Social Getaways

Get your whole group together for the perfect getaway. We’ll collaborate with you to create the ideal itinerary based on the size, activities and destination you have in mind, whether you’re going big with a corporate outing or are looking for an intimate experience with your team.

We take care of everything, so you and your group can de-stress in the amazing location of your choice.

A day outing? A weeklong excursion? We do it all.


Custom Getaways - WeekendsFrom - Social Getaways

Have your own vision of an epic escape, but don’t know how to make it happen? Then WeekendsFrom is here for you.

With our local knowledge and passion for travel, we’ll create the perfect vacay no matter what destination you choose.

The sky's the limit! Let us know your wildest travel dreams and we’ll do our best to make them come true.


Private Getaways - Weekendsfrom - Social Getaways

Already love one of our existing getaways, but want to bring a group of your own instead? Then grab your friends, family or coworkers and we’ll kick it up and notch by customizing the trip even further with destinations and activities specifically suited for your group.

Request a Quote

Talk soon!

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